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Andre Diurno

Hello people,

I am now entering my second year as a personal trainer at Fevo Gym. I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years and have worked with a wide range of clients. Prior to Fevo I worked for a corporate fitness centre as well as a commercial gym and a health club

My passion is one2one training. I believe we are not specialist nor experts, we are constantly learning and sharing knowledge in line with offering a service that delivers sustainable results to our clients.

My aim as a PT is to coach and develop my clients total well being and install a foundation of ‘healthy’ living for long jeopardy.

My work has achieved national recognition as a feature on both ITV and BBC (Obesity in both adults and children in the UK).

Fevo has been founded off the back of my passion with a huge emphasis on personal training, coaching and continuous self improvement both in my practice and personal life. Being able to train clients in a dynamic gym setting I have built from scratch has a real sense of achievement to it as well as a freedom and flexibility to offer my clients a very elegant service

My recreational interests include mountain biking, football and eating

My competitive sporting background is predominately from athletics and powerlifting

Personal website: www.andrediurnopt.co.uk



Ollie Owen

I am in my second year at college doing a BTEC in sport. My passion is training and learning more about physiological effects of sport. My aim is to go to university and become a strength and conditioning coach. My recreational interests include travelling and eating. My sporting background includes American football, football and cricket.


Zoe Goodyear

Zoe is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher based in Andover, Hampshire. She teaches regular classes in Andover and Portsmouth, as well as workshops around the UK and international yoga retreats.

Zoe is Yoga Alliance UK registered and was trained by Brian Cooper, author of ‘The Art of Adjusting’. To date she has completed over 400 hours of training, and since gained over 800 hours of teaching experience.

Personal website: www.zoegoodyearyoga.com

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